Pursuing PC releases the Big Update “Colorful Territory” on December 5 with many unique content

After much anticipation and speculation, Battle Teams 2 (PC Pursuit) also pleased shooters when it released a Big Update called Colorful Territory with many Christmas-like colors and details. Let’s take a look at the hottest new content that shooters should definitely not miss in this Update:​


Color shop launched, the great battlefield becomes more brilliant than ever!

Introducing the color shop feature, allowing gamers who own 2 or more of the same Legendary weapons to exchange 1 weapon in the set for a color ticket.

Close-up of the Ruby Frost weapon set (Ultra Frost colors) – Ultra Chroma. With an eye-catching pink-gray main color, gunners who own Ruby Frost will definitely stand out and be stylish on the battlefield.

Introducing the Ace Of Hearts Queen character and the “magic gun” DE Magic Trick

Finally, the owner of Ace of Hearts bar-Anita Radiaz has officially appeared on the battlefield of Battle Teams 2 (PC Pursuit) since December 5. To own the combo of Queen Ace of Hearts and the DE Magic Trick, gunners can purchase the Glitter Gold package with a value of 5980 GP, on sale until January 1, 2024.

According to the plot, Ace of Hearts-Anita Radiaz is the owner of a famous bar called Golden Paradise in Dark Alley. Many people speculate that she knows all the secrets in this world and is one of the characters. The most mystical here.

The character’s appearance is feminine and attractive, she is known as the Ace of Hearts Queen – Walking next to the previously released Ace of Diamonds card Jok3r

New battle map Zombie: Christmas Playground & Space Outpost

Set in a Christmas decoration entertainment center, the Christmas Playground map was also released with every detail meticulously described. From the Christmas tree, to the Burger shop or even the ferris wheel, the swing also creates a realistic feeling for each gunfight.

Besides the Christmas Playground, the Space Outpost map will also be released in the upcoming Big Update on December 5.

On the occasion of the Big Update “Colorful Territory” being released, GameHub would like to send readers a series of special Giftcodes:

In addition, the series of ingame events in December also includes many interesting details such as: Golden Paradise Intelligence Department, Sparkling Gold Shop, Preferential Ice Crystal Supply, Evil Spirit Attack Training, Guarantee guaranteed to overcome infinity, free female character when logging in… gunners, please join the Colorful Territory of Battle Teams 2 (PC Pursuit) to “enjoy” the most special Christmas party – where that the shooters will have the choice to enjoy the colors of the winner, or the loser.

Gunners should always accompany Battle Teams 2 (PC Pursuit) and don’t forget to follow the latest information about the game at:

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