New World – New Online Game has just been released and has 200K players online at the same time

Latest project of Amazon Game StudiosNew World just entered the stage Closed Beta and attracted great attention from gamers. The beta reached nearly 200,000 players online within hours of opening. New World is currently one of the top games on Twitch. The game is a big change compared to Amazon Game Studios’ previous projects.


According to SteamDB, New World reached the highest number of online players at 187,786 and this number is continuing to increase. On Twitch, the game attracted more than 721,000 viewers thanks to a number of famous streamers and incentives to receive free items from Twitch Drops.

Amazon Game Studios Previous Products – Crucible only reached a peak of 25,145 players on release day and this number dropped sharply in the weeks that followed. Crucible was forgotten not long after.

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