PUBG introduces new Map Taego with self-revival feature?

The recently released short teaser for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offers a first look at “exclusive updates” along with new map called Taego. Even though it only lasts a few seconds, the teaser still shows off the most prominent feature, which is coming soon PUBG. That is Medkit ambulance tool fitted on the player’s knee. This tool will appear as a special skill when the player is defeated.


The teaser also introduces a number of other devices and features such as: the Chinook helicopter (the type of aircraft that appeared in the Paramo map), the expanding blue energy ball – the opposite version of the circle familiar, Mark 12 DMR gun, K2 assault rifle and Hyundai Pony Coupe car. The Hyundai car and the K2 (the standard rifle of the Korean military) are very reasonable details because Taego is a location in Korea.

Taego is the first full 8×8 map released in PUBG since the Miramar update. PUBG players expect Taego to launch with the ability to self-revive, a mechanism similar to Call of Duty: Warzone. The above features will arrive on July 7 in update 12.2. The next map after Taego is “Kiki” and features a cityscape. Kiki is expected to launch later this year.

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