Emperor 3Q Mobile officially launched today October 12 in TOP competition for IPhone 15 Pro Max

Emperor 3Q is a name that is being eagerly sought after by the gaming community in the hands-free role-playing genre thanks to its fiery Three Kingdoms setting and easy-to-play, addictive gameplay.


Accordingly, the game will be officially released at 10:00 am today October 12, 2023 for strategists to begin their journey to become kings. Currently, everyone can pre-download Emperor 3Q Mobile on both popular application stores Google Play and Appstore to be ready to fight as soon as the server is opened.


Along with that, NPH MiGame also brings a series of quality ingame and outgame events for gamers to have fun and win many valuable gifts. Everyone’s attention right now is probably focused on the big server-wide Top Luc Chien Racing event taking place from October 12 to October 25.

The rewards for the best individuals were also revealed, making everyone extremely excited. Among them, the prestigious Top 1 will receive one iPhone 15 Pro Max Extremely cool, in addition, other gamers in the Top 10 also receive many valuable gifts that cannot be missed.


Not only does it entertain players with many exciting events, but the 3Q publishing team also affirms its reputation through the quality of the game itself. Focusing on the hands-free element does not mean the game lacks gameplay depth.

The proof is that the world of the Three Kingdoms in the game is recreated very vividly through sharp 2D+ graphics with the participation of a series of famous generals. Trieu Van, Lu Bo, Ma Sieu, Hoang Trung, Khong Minh… and countless heroes from all over the world for you to freely recruit to your team.


In addition, the game also offers countless interesting PvE farming activities and PvP challenges for you to fight all day without getting bored. Not to mention interesting interactive features such as Gia Vien or Marriage for players to relax. after hours of intense battle.


Then there are countless benefits so gamers will never be short of resources or recruits. Even if you’re busy, the Hang Up feature will help you regain full resources.

Therefore, Emperor 3Q – MiGame will definitely be a game not to be missed this October.​

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