Promising male star had his contract canceled by a major game because of a sensitive political scandal

After many successful roles in famous films with great coverage, the commercial value of Truong Triet Han has continuously increased. However recently, scandal This Chinese actor is a Jingri (pro-Japanese) who ruined his flourishing career. In just one day, all 27/27 brands canceled Truong Triet Han’s representation contract, including the game. Dream of Tan Tru Tien.

Truong Triet Han in the video promoting the game.

Specifically, this noise comes from an online account that discovered that in two years, 2018 and 2019, Truong Triet Han went to Japan to travel and take souvenir photos at two locations, Yasukuni and Nogi temples. It would be nothing if the Yasukuni shrine did not worship the god of war and had a separate area to worship some characters labeled criminals. This temple has long been opposed by China, South Korea and North Korea. At Nogi Temple, there is a shrine to Count Nogi Maresuke, a Japanese army general, one of the initiators of the first Sino-Japanese war in 1984-1985. The fact that Truong Triet Han went to these places and left behind an image, whether accidentally or intentionally, seriously affected his image as well as his career, making it difficult to recover.

Travel photos Taken in 2018.

Photo of attending a wedding in 2019.

As soon as these images were discussed, Truong Triet Han’s career suffered a big shock when 27 brands simultaneously canceled their representation contracts in one day. Among them, there are also publishers of the game Mong Huyen Tan Tru Tien. Although there was an apology post, Truong Triet Han’s career is still in trouble, because Chinese fans have a strong bias against stars involved in political scandals.

Dream of Tan Tru Tien.

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