Nhat Mong Cuu Thien has announced a release date of January 4 – Allowing gamers to “plow the game in the morning and fight PK at night” extremely well.

The Vietnamese game market is always like that, the end of the year is always the time when a series of games labeled “blockbuster” or “super product” are continuously introduced to players by game distributors. And of course, an extremely famous publisher in the Vietnamese game market, Funtap, has also introduced a swordplay style game “Nhat Mong Cuu Thien” on January 4, 2024.​


It is known that with an extremely engaging storyline, players will transform into the main character in the world of swordplay Nhat Mong Cuu Thien. In the vast, heroic and shocking battlefields of war, appearing in a scene of constant smoke and fire, the gentle love of a young girl and a girl blooms brilliantly amidst the turmoil of the world. Players are forced to survive and destroy themselves amid the chaos of the changing times, facing tyrannical governments, vicious enemies, and experiencing with their teammates extraordinary circumstances to create a glorious era of the world. masters in the world of chivalry.​


Explore the colorful dreamlike world of martial arts in Nhat Mong Cuu Thien. Players will be able to choose 1 of 4 sects including: Tieu Dao, Co Mo, Nguyet Dao, Tuyet Son. Each sect possesses different attributes and skills and counteracts each other due to the elements of the Five Elements.

The graphics in Nhat Mong Cuu Thien are meticulously invested in skill effects and extremely vivid attack animations; Each house and forest are also arranged in a very detailed and sophisticated manner, completely suitable for the world of swordplay. And by allowing players to freely rotate the camera, every player’s perspective is more comprehensive and optimal every time they experience it.

This game even invests in more than 300 gorgeous outfits so players can freely mix and match outfits according to their own personality, expressing their unique style. Each outfit carries themes from modern, ancient, personality, sexy…​


Still following the familiar gameplay of the swordplay role-playing game series, Nhat Mong Cuu Thien will take players on a journey of leveling up, farming items, doing quests, hunting bosses… During the plowing process, players still will go through a series of main quests, collecting or making equipment, enhancing, purifying equipment, allocating skill points, upgrading mounts, recruiting companions,…

However, possessing unique sets of martial arts and top techniques of each sect will create opportunities for players to customize and develop their own fighting style and gameplay without fear of being “conflicted”. ” with anyone.​


In addition, the features that are considered typical of the role-playing series at the present time are: Bang war, siege battle, solo skills, inter-server free PK, marriage, free trading system, Campfires, picnic monster training,… are all developed by Nhat Mong Cuu Thien in the latest direction, helping players always have interesting experiences.​


Nhat Mong Cuu Thien promises to be an ideal destination for those who love the swordplay game genre. For everyone, January 4 is not just an ordinary day but an opportunity to start an exciting adventure, fight and connect with the large swordplay community.

Let’s wait and get ready for a new challenging and exciting journey in the best martial arts world of Nhat Mong Cuu Thien!​

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