Project: 1024 – Where players take on the role of Justice Protection Agents who are darkening under the abyss of conspiracy


Developed by Augustus Games based in China, Project: 1024 is a Japanese-style 3D turn-based card collection game with a science fiction theme that is being anticipated by the gaming community. The game story tells the story of humanity’s journey to pursue self-evolution after realizing there are new material elements. The scene takes place in a magnificent city called Nora, where technology is present in every corner of human life; from work, study, shopping to entertainment. People can have everything they want without leaving home.

But hidden beneath the bustling, flashy exterior, there are still undercurrents. On Nora’s National Day, the terrorist organization Tian carried out an attack on the city. As a member of the Guardian Force, the player quickly rises up to wage war against the opposing faction. However, your determination for justice has unintentionally pushed you to the abyss of the Internet and thrown you into an abyss full of guilt and conspiracy.

In addition to the profound storyline, Project: 1024’s design team has also devoted a lot of effort to creating delicate portraits, depicting each character according to their own personality as well as elaborate gestures and actions. possible level.

In Project: 1024 there will be 8 major forces with different backgrounds and personalities, giving them distinct aspirations and goals for the future of humanity. Players will have to nurture the characters, unlocking each secret file to discover more about this secret online world.


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