Pro gamers are angry at Falling Into Your Smile: Extreme brain damage, trampling on Esports for love

Falling Into Your Smile (Vietnamese title: When You Smile So Beautifully) is a love film project adapted from the novel by author Thanh Tuoc. It is known that in the original novel, Thanh Duoc originally borrowed from the teams Esports, professional player and real-life stories as inspiration, however, this author intentionally defames the characters, uses many baseless rumors to affect the reputation of the teams, causing a large number of fans. Esports is frustrated.​


When it was adapted into a movie, things didn’t get much better. Right from the first episodes, the film has attracted “attention” with countless unrealistic details and even did not hesitate to trample on Esports to create a context for the love story. For example, the second male role played by Trach Tieu Van is willing to pretend to lose and fix the match results just to win over the female lead (Trinh Tieu) – member of the opposing team.

In the episode that just aired the other day, Falling Into Your Smile continued to have more cruel details that made the gaming community and even professional players “blood boil”. In particular, when a male player was competing, his girlfriend (white shirt) said “losing a match is okay” under the stage, because the statement seemed unprocessed by the brain. During this time, the girlfriend had a conflict with a fan of the team. Seeing his girlfriend being “bullied”, the male player immediately threw his headphones, jumped from the stage, yelled at the fans, and carried his girlfriend princess-style (even though she had healthy limbs and could walk on her own). walking normally) and then left, leaving his comrades in the team “who have not yet woken up from this dream”.

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What the male player above cares about is not the match but his girlfriend being “bullied” by fans.

Misaya (Nhuoc Phong), a former League of Legends player as well as a famous Chinese streamer and caster, could not help but share:

Misaya – Former famous Chinese League of Legends player, streamer and caster

Gathering a cast of beautiful and famous actors such as Hua Khai, Trinh Tieu or Trach Tieu Van, but at the present time, Falling Into Your Smile is a pretty bad movie. This is also clearly shown through more than 30,000 reviews with only 1 or 2 stars on Douban (China’s largest movie review site).

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