Female Administrator Pursuing PC kicks off the super cool “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” style photography trend

A story of PC Pursuit caused a stir in the community

Possessing a “candy” beauty and multi-talent, the name Trang Bunny is no longer strange in the FPS gaming community. Not only is she a famous Tiktoker with more than 200k followers, but recently Trang Bunny also had a very famous debut as an Admin – the exclusive female streamer of VTC’s blockbuster game – Pursuing PC.

Admin Trang Bunny and the “groom” secretly took wedding photos?

Previously, Trang Bunny had also “mixed the waters” in the FPS community by releasing a “Cool Mid-Autumn Festival” style photo set; with a feminine cheongsam outfit, but holding the legendary Barrett gun in the FPS village.

And continuing on to Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20, the beautiful girl continued to show her unique personality when she released a very unique photo set wearing a wedding dress – holding a gun. With the message: “Always be confident, beautiful, and personable in every situation”Trang Bunny has shown the image of a modern girl who is both feminine and needs to be protected, but also strong and independent when needed.​


The wedding photography trend “Agent Couple” is expected to be used a lot in the near future

Immediately after the photo set was posted, the trend of “Super cool agent couple” like Mr. and Mrs. Smith suddenly received a lot of response from the online community. Perhaps this FPS wedding photography style will still be used by couples. Used a lot for upcoming couple photo shoots.​


The community almost thought Trang Bunny “followed her husband and quit the game”

And the owner of the photo set also confirmed that she did not “turn around” to get married like people speculated, this is actually just a photo set to give to the sisters and even PC Pursuit community on Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20. So, fans can rest assured, the famous girl Trang Bunny will continue to devote herself entirely to her exclusive Admin job at Truc Kic PC and there is no such thing as “marrying and quitting the game”. .

Let’s see a few more pictures in the story “My admin is a special agent?” from Hotgirl from Pursuing PC!

On the occasion of celebrating Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20, Pursuing PC also launched a series of super attractive ingame events revolving around the theme SHOOTING QUEEN – honoring female shooters. Specifically, the game will open for sale 2 female character combo packs including:​


Not only that, all shooters will also receive an All server gift on October 20 including Gun Combo & Female Character (1 day). In addition, gunners should not forget to participate in the Combo Promotion or PC Pursuit Red Ball events to not miss any valuable gifts and items! All detailed information about Pursuing PC can be found at:​

  • Home page & game download: https://truykichpc.vn​

  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/truykichpcvn​

  • Groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/truykichpc.vn​

  • Discord: https://discord.gg/truykichpcvtc​

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