Pokimane left Twitch after a decade of service

One of the most famous female streamers of Twitch will no longer stream on the platform that made her a star. Call it that “the end of an era”Imane “Pokimane” Anys announced her departure from the Amazon-owned site in a post on X/Twitter on January 30. Accompanying the tweet was an official promotional image of the Twitch app with her face her, a sign that Pokimane how closely linked to this website in the past.


Pokimane began her livestreaming career in 2012. She officially created her Twitch channel in 2014, and in the decade since, she has amassed around 9.3 million followers. Pokimane’s personality is very bubbly and is known for her great sense of humor. Of course, her time on the platform has not been without controversy. Most recently, in November 2023, she had to embark on an apology tour after calling a viewer who complained about the price of her cookie spread a “broke boy.” Despite the scandals, Pokimane has grown to become one of the faces of Twitch. However, now she is saying goodbye and departing on new journeys.​


Twitch has been my home for a decade,” Pokimane said. “But it’s time to say thank you for all the memories and love from my days playing League, Fortnite and Among Us.”

The Amazon-owned company congratulated Pokimane on the “incredible journey” she has had over the past 10 years, saying that everyone is proud of everything she has achieved so far, adding Looking forward to seeing what she does next in her livestreaming career. It is currently unclear where Pokimane will stop. If she continues to livestream, she will have many options, including Facebook, Kick (along with Amouranth and xQc) and YouTube (where Ludwig is currently streaming).


Back in September 2022, Pokimane said that Twitch is no longer “satisfy creativity” anymore, while also making it clear that her intention is to stream less and use other platforms – like Instagram and TikTok – more. It seems like the female streamer is making good on this intention as she hasn’t streamed on Twitch in about four days but has been more active on other social channels.​

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