After the release date scandal, Deathloop is finally fixed?


Bethesda said the patch addresses an issue reported by some PC players, which was that mouse-based camera movements could lead to stuttering. image jerky. Bethesda added that stuttering also occurs due to frame rate high on PC and this cause will be addressed in the future once more information has been gathered.

Although the game received positive feedback, some reviews were negative Steam refers to image stuttering during gameplay. Many people have theories about the cause of the image stutter, from Denuvo DRM to memory write access errors. Digital Foundry’s latest video on the subject points out that the problem lies with mouse movement.


According to Digital Foundry, the stuttering is simply the result of camera movement stopping every 14 frames when playing with a mouse at 120 fps. The GPU or CPU doesn’t have problems with high frame rates, but it’s due to the camera animations. If you change the frame rate to 100 fps, the camera will speed up one frame, unintentionally adding an unwanted distance to the mouse movement. Monitors with refresh rates with G-Sync or FreeSync technology also experience stuttering.

Digital Foundry also discovered a rarer problem. That is when loading a new map, after 600 frames, an extra frame will appear and cause image stuttering. Players can fix this issue by restarting the game or switching to a new map.

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