Pokemon Unite – MOBA style Pokemon game announced launch date

First announced in 2020, Pokemon Unite is the first game in the series Pokemon Go in style MOBA. The game is developed by Tencent and will be released for free on Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Yesterday The Pokemon Company revealed the launch date of Pokemon Unite along with the latest trailer of the game with many Pokemon species such as Pikachu, Mr. Mine, Absol or Snorlax…

Accordingly, Pokemon Unite will be officially released in July on Nintendo Switch and in September on mobile platforms. The developers are also planning to support cross-platform play between Nintendo Switch and mobile, so users can synchronize progress between platforms.

Pokemon Unite is set on an unexplored island in the middle of the ocean called Aeos Island. Players will form teams of 5 and try to score more points than their opponents. In the game, players can evolve their Pokemon with a new form of energy called Aeos energy. At the beginning, Pokemon will start again at level 1. After leveling up in the match, players can unlock powerful moves like Unite Move.​



To earn points for their team, players need to collect Aeos energy by defeating wild and enemy Pokemon, then deposit that energy into one of the opponent’s target areas. Like other MOBA games, each Pokemon will have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Players will rely on that to choose the appropriate position for Pokemon such as attack, acceleration, support or all-arounder.

Readers can join the Pokemon Vietnam Group (Official) to immediately update the latest news of the game:

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