Pokemon GO severely punished a series of hackers, but it turned out that they were all unfairly banned

To prevent the hacker/cheater ruining the game experience, publishers Pokemon GO has tightened its sanctions, from a 7-day warning to a 30-day account lock and now ban acc forever. Recently, countless gamers were banned from Pokemon GO due to suspicions of cheating, but it seems it was all just a mistake.​


The game’s automatic anti-cheat system encountered some problems, causing a series of players to be unfairly banned. On Pokemon GO’s r/TheSilphRoad subreddit, there were also countless complaints from players affected by this issue. Daniel “Spieletrend” Schilling, famous German Youtuber, who has collaborated with Niantic In many big events of Pokemon GO, he also unfortunately became a victim and until now is still banned from his account. Some users believe that the cause of Pokemon GO’s anti-cheat system confusion may be due to the iOS version that players are using.

Niantic also confirmed that there was negligence in identifying cheaters, and promised to automatically return accounts to players who received wrongful punishments. However, many players had to miss the final Pokemon GO Fest of this year because of the unreasonable ban and Niantic did not seem to want to compensate them.​


Since Pokemon GO’s launch, Niantic has always focused on preventing hackers/cheaters. Earlier this year, the company also revealed that since 2020, it has banned more than 5 million hackers. Niantic’s efforts are remarkable, but this publisher should review the anti-hacking mechanism so that annoying things like this don’t happen.

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