Playing top League of Legends, goalkeeper Tan Truong made Teacher Ba extremely angry when compared to fans

Football fans are certainly no strangers to goalkeeper Bui Tan Truong – the hero who contributed greatly to helping the Vietnamese national team win against Malaysia and Indonesia in the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in recent days. However, many people may not know that in addition to his excellent goalkeeping ability, this goalkeeper is also a gamer League of Legends His playing skills are not average and he almost became a streamer when he could not find a new destination after ending his contract with Becamex Binh Duong Club in April 2020.

Many highlights of Spider-Man Tan Truong’s magical ability to play League of Legends were widely shared by the online community during the qualifying round. Everyone was surprised by this 35-year-old gamer’s delicate and agile handling on the field.

His favorite position is Mid Lane, especially Assassin champions. Tan Truong also once called himself “Best Zed Dong Thap” when using Zed quite skillfully and had more than 500,000 mastery points for this general. In addition, Twisted Fate, Kayle, and Lee Sin are also champions favored by goalkeepers born in 1986. In addition, Tan Truong also achieved a fairly high rank of Platinum 2.

Very quickly, League of Legends fans had a very interesting association when they thought that Tan Truong played League of Legends better than Tan Trung (Ba Roi Fat). Goverment Teacher Ba He also posted a screenshot of a fan’s humorous comment saying that he was only good at guarding the Diamond Gate with a short caption “Tan Truong < Tan Trung" to express his "dissatisfaction".

“The first two girls denounced each other/ Tan Truong was the older sister, I was Tan Trung/ She kept the National City/ And I guarded the Diamond Gate for the rest of my life.”

Below the post, goalkeeper Tan Truong also commented to entertain friends and fans of Master Ba.

It is possible that after the Vietnam national team finishes the tournament, goalkeeper Tan Truong will have a comparison with Tan Trung on stream. Tonight, the Vietnam National Team will face the UAE National Team. Even though we know Tan Truong will be very sad, let’s cheer for our goalkeeper to appear as little as possible.


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