Playing games in a storm, the unlucky male gamer was struck by lightning

Many people have chosen games as a form of entertainment on weekends to relax after many stressful working days, but if it is a stormy day, you should reconsider your decision. Recently, a man living in Robertson County, Tennessee (USA) had to call an emergency room when he was sick lightning strike while playing games at home.​


Josh Rice, assistant director of Robertson County Emergency Medical Services, told WKRN that doctors received the call at 9:15 p.m. Saturday. When they arrived, they judged that lightning had most likely struck. hit this man’s house or somewhere nearby and he was shocked through the handle console. console.

Luckily, the health condition of the male gamer mentioned above was not too bad. After being shocked, he was still strong enough to call an ambulance. After a thorough examination, doctors said he was not injured and there was no need to be transferred to a local hospital.​

Karma – a female player was once struck by lightning while playing a game

This is not the first time someone has had their console controller snatched, last year Karma – one professional player belong to Rocket League also encountered the same problem while playing the game during a storm. However, she was not as lucky as this man in Robertson district, she suffered burns to her hands. The current also melted the USB port of the handle the umbrella was using. Not only game controllers but also using electronic devices during thunderstorms bring certain dangers. Readers should be more careful in cases like this to avoid unfortunate incidents.

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