Don’t Nod returns to the Life is Strange style in Lost Records: Bloom and Rage


2023 has been a busy year for developer Don’t Nod after nearly three years without releasing a game since Tell Me Why and Twin Mirror in 2020. This year, Don’t Nod released two titles. game. Choice-driven adventure game Harmony: The Fall of Reverie released over the summer to positive reviews. And the climbing-focused adventure game Jusant launched on Xbox Game Pass in the fall. The studio had planned to release its third game in November, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, before it was pushed to February 13, 2024.

Recently, Don’t Nod revealed the latest game at The Game Awards. Lost Records: Bloom and Rage is the first game developed by Don’t Nod’s new Montreal branch, and the title’s graphic style is very similar to Life is Strange. The game is set in the mid-90s and revolves around a group of four high school friends named Autumn, Nora, Swann, and Kat. Lost Records may bring narrative gameplay similar to Life is Strange back to fans.

From the game’s name and the scene where the characters are playing in a band, it can be seen that music will play a central role in Lost Records. Although the developer is different, Life is Strange: True Colors released in 2021 also focuses on music, so it seems that Don’t Nod will continue this trend with Lost Records.

Lost Records: Bloom and Rage is set for release in late 2024, and it looks like the perfect game for the fall season. The game will be available on Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 5 as well as Steam. Ending a busy 2023, Don’t Nod will continue to contribute to the gaming industry in 2024 through Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden and Lost Records: Bloom and Rage.

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