Players discovered there was a “cow tongue line”, the newly released game had to “flee” from Vietnam

Just launched the global version on August 25, Purrfect Tale comes from NPH BadMouse Studio quickly won the hearts of the gaming community, especially female gamers. The reason is because of the title dating simulator game This game has extremely eye-catching chibi graphics with a theme revolving around cute cats and gentle, “healing” content when players take care of and take care of a stray cat.

Thought Purrfect Tale would peacefully stay in the Vietnamese market, suddenly some gamers discovered the image “cow’s tongue road” appeared in Chapter 6 of the game. Immediately, this issue was shared in many groups because this is an extremely sensitive topic in our country, not only in the gaming industry. However, the move NPH’s next post is what brought us today’s article.


After being commented on by many players in the post on Fanpage, BadMouse Studio did not admit the error and directly deleted comments as well as blocked the accounts of users who spoke up about the “cow tongue line”. Extremely upset by this unkind and conservative action, East Lao gamers not only boycotted but also called on everyone to rate Purrfect Tale 1 star on both app stores. Not only that, people also flooded the Fanpage to release “outrage” at all the posts.

Faced with the rising wave of Vietnamese players, NPH “recklessly” announced that it would remove Purrfect Tale from both the App Store and Google Play in the Vietnam region but refused to remove the “cow tongue line”. BadMouse Studio’s move, which is likened to “without aunt, the market is still crowded”, has angered not only Vietnamese players but also the Southeast.

NPH posted a notice to remove Purrfect Tale in the Vietnam region.

Many comments from international friends condemned NPH’s “going underground” solution.

One player wrote: “Withdrawing from the Vietnamese market instead of fixing the nine-dash line in the map, what a wrong decision”, or “Only children would solve a simple problem this way, The publisher should have just fixed the map and sincerely apologized to Vietnamese players. I will not play or buy any games from this publisher.”

Up to now, this game has no longer appeared on the App Store or Google Play in our country and NPH has not posted any more posts on this topic.

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