Palword Guide: Basic information about the Breed and how to breed the rare Pal Anubis

Hybridization is definitely one of the most interesting features of Palworld, giving players the feeling of excitement because they can create new Pals through “pairing” two Pals they already own. This way, players can unlock new skills, new Pals, or simply scale their manpower.

To start, players need to be level 19, a pair of opposite-sex Pals, a Breeding Farm, a Cake, and an Egg Incubator.


When you reach level 19, you will be able to unlock Breeding Farm with two Technology points and can proceed to build it with 100 Wood, 50 Fiber, and 20 Stone.

The player will then need to craft a Cake in a pot or stove with 8 Red Berries, 8 Eggs, 7 Milk, 5 Flour, and 2 Honey. Place Cake in the Breeding Farm chest, then bring two Pals of the opposite sex of your choice to the Farm.

If you followed all the above steps correctly, you will see a HUD message titled “Breeding… Love is blossoming between the two Pals”.


Once the breeding process is complete, you will receive an Egg and need to place it in the Egg Incubator. This machine can be unlocked at level 7 with 1 Ancient Technology point. Building it requires 30 Stone, 10 Paladium Fragments, 5 Cloth, and 2 Ancient Civilization. Place the Eggs in the Incubator and wait until it is done. Incubation can take up to 20 minutes.

Palworld Breeding Calculator by Kimpton


Palworld is still relatively new and holds many secrets, including the results of nearly 20,000 Pal combinations that can be used for breeding. To simplify the prediction work when pairing Palworld, players can use Palworld Breeding Calculator by Kimpton. This is a website where players can choose the two parent Pals they want to see what new Pals they can produce. Conversely, players can also choose the type of Pal they want to determine which parent Pal pairs can breed them.

How to breed Anubis

Anubis, the number 100 Pal with an Egyptian style, is a Pal worth adding to any player’s squad. Anubis has incredible base attack stats and can use powerful techniques like Sand or Stone Blast. With higher-level attacks like Ground Smash and Rock Lance, Anubis is definitely a formidable threat, both for your opponents and yourself when trying to catch them. This is also a useful Pal when working in the Base with a level 4 Handiwork stat.


If players want to capture Anubis, they will have to fight a level 47 Alpha Boss, found at coordinates -130 and -96 in Twilight Dunes. Note, bring a Grass-type Pal to counter Anubis, and of course, Legendary Sphere to catch it.

An easier way to own Anubis is to breed them. Players can go to the website Palworld Breeding Calculator mentioned above to find the full list of Pal pairs that can create Anubis. Here are a few common Anubis “parent” pairings:​

  • Arsox + Pyrine
  • Caprity + Beakon
  • Eikthyrdeer + Beakon
  • Incineram + Surface
  • Mossanda + Katress
  • Nitewing + Rayhound
  • Penking + Bushi

Please follow the instructions exactly with the Pal pairs mentioned above, hope you soon receive Anubis with the stats you want.

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