Going to buy Pokémon cards at midnight, the unfortunate young man was assaulted and the box of cards was stolen

The convenience store where the victim went to buy the newly released deck of cards.

Recently in Hiroshima, Japan; A 25-year-old man has been accused by police of attacking a 22-year-old college student who walked out of a 7-Eleven store with a box of newly purchased Pokémon cards. Immediately after the robbery attack occurred, the police force was present at the scene to collect evidence and many mainstream national media such as Nippon TV, FNN or TBS reported on the incident.

According to posted information, the attack occurred at 3:30 a.m. early on September 24, after the victim left a local 7-Eleven store and was holding a box containing 150 cards. Pokémon Fusion Arts card just launched at midnight, worth 4,950 yen (about 45 USD). Police said the victim was repeatedly punched in the face while walking on the street, quite far from the convenience store. The suspect then fled by car and was identified as Kumai Alex McFaddin (25 years old), a construction worker in Ochiai-Minami, Asahoku-Ku, Hiroshima City.

At the investigation agency, he said he drove from place to place to buy the newly released deck of cards but could not, so when he encountered the victim, he became greedy. This is not the first time a card collector has been attacked, a similar incident happened in August 2020 when Pokémon Go Gym was released.

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