Overview of the case of Vietnamese Game being accused – “Eating white and wearing plain clothes” based on the efforts of seniors?

Many Vietnamese gamers are asking questions about Fanpage’s silence compared to before Vietnamese Game As well as the gametiengviet.com forum, recently, in a community group with nearly 20,000 members, the Facebook account Midnight Angels posted a long article to reveal all the secrets of this Fanpage. This Facebooker also carefully posted pictures as evidence and Gamehub asked for permission to summarize drama This is in today’s article.

According to the poker, Vietnamese Game is the product of plagiarism, high-handedness, white dress, and gaining fame from the efforts of others, specifically viethoagamepc.blogspot.com. To clarify the source, we first need to go back to the historical development of the Vietnamese gaming community, according to Facebook “Midnight Angels”.

*The content of the article summarizes all information provided by Facebook Midnight Angels.

The birth of Viet Hoa game

“In the early days, when Vietnamese gamers were still communicating with each other using very simple software with interfaces like Pascal or going to ADSL internet cafes to play offline games, “communities” existed. Gamers began to pay attention to making games loved by the community more popular by translating and putting translations into games.” This is the initial concept and also the foundation for games. The first Vietnamese game.

However, being able to Vietnameseize a game is never an easy task, even at a time of advanced technology development like today, let alone the 1990s-2000s. To get a translation, one needs to dissect to get the data and then process the interface, then return it to the system without creating any bugs. Despite the difficulties, with the unyielding spirit of the Vietnamese people, even without translation experts and IT masters, the gaming community at that time still had individuals who overcame difficulties and worked together to create Many Vietnamese masterpieces such as Skyrim, Heroes 3, Total War: Shogun 2, … and countless translated games have entered the childhood of many Vietnamese gamers.

But at this time, with no profit and no time left, the early Vietnamese groups on the forums VnS, Voz, gamevn,… most of them gradually disbanded, leaving only a few individuals still continuing their activities. unfinished project with passion. They created viethoagamepc.blogspot.com to share techniques and perfect the translated games left by the community.” – Midnight Angels shared.

Vietnamese game appears

“The end of 2013 – 2014 is when Tran Bao Q. – Admin of Vietnamese Game appeared. He and his colleagues together founded romhackingvn.blogspot.com (Later gametiengviet.com) and then quickly Seeding and spamming enthusiastically across familiar forums to attract the attention of the online community.”


“I don’t know if there is any intention, but the name romhackingvn sounds quite similar to a famous foreign website. After that, he also created another Fanpage with an equally confusing name: “Vietnamese Hoa PC Game” causing many people to mistakenly think this is “Thach Sanh” viethoagamepc.blogspot.com from years ago. Even one of the main programmers of Vietnamese Game made the same mistake, so he joined Tran Bao Q. After that, Viet Hoa PC Game officially changed its name to Vietnamese Game as it is now.”

Accused of plagiarism and copyright infringement with senior viethoagamepc.blogspot.com

According to Facebook Midnight Angels: “This behavior of Vietnamese Game has existed since ancient times, not just recently. Specifically, this person accused Tran Bao Q. of giving himself the right to “borrow” Vietnamese versions. Previous translations by authors on other forums such as Vnsharing, Voz, Gamevn… were taken and posted without permission. A typical case is the case of “picking up” Vietnamese versions of a translator named Hoursea from gamevn without permission. But Hoursea did not show any gratitude for this “borrowing” move from Q., so she continuously denounced it until Q. had to whitewash all related posts on Fanpages. However, Q. . still has the same problems, always confusing information and actively “misusing and borrowing” old Vietnamese versions.

By 2017, Q. took the Vietnamese version of The Witcher 3 that viethoagamepc.blogspot.com completed and posted it on his Fanpage with the mantra “do it yourself” to hypnotize everyone that this is a product of Vietnamese Game. After the owner spoke up, Vietnamese Game admitted to making a mistake and posted an apology within… 2 hours and then quickly deleted it.

Sorry, but deleting it so quickly is not a sincere apology.

Below the apology post, Vietnamese Game has tagged the owner of Oblivion Tes of the Vietnamese version of The Witcher 3.

Proclaiming “for the community” but translating superficially and hiding under the name Donate to sell games

Being accused of plagiarism and stealing is not enough, Vietnamese Game continues to be accused by Midnight Angels of: “Working unprofessionally, hiding behind donations to sell games and also playing “law of the jungle” with gamers. Things like this , the first self-translated version of the Vietnamese Game – FarCry5, was criticized by people for its unattractive and somewhat “juvenile” writing style. But without asking for approval to make changes, Tran Bao Q. also added New mods, editing the system of the original game make it difficult for real fans to recognize FarCry and then deliver the “if you criticize, don’t play” killing blow to gamers. Having a sweet tooth, gamers who play for free can only close their eyes. play.

After that, Vietnamese Game caused a stir again with the Vietnamese version of Dark Soul 3 but needed another… translation for comparison. “In all my life, the writer has never seen a translated game that even needed an excel sheet for players to compare” like the way Vietnamese Game did.”


And yet, according to the information given by Midnight Angels: “Many of the terms for installing games that Vietnamese Game offers also show that this Fanpage is selling games in the form of disguised Donation – According to this Facebook share. He thinks that Having to donate to get the installation pass is no different than telling players to spend money to buy it but just ‘for the community’ all day long…”

“… you must be a member who has donated to the group.”

The incident currently originates from Facebook Midnight Angels and the community is looking forward to the latest response from Vietnamese Game on this issue. Interested readers can view Midnight Angels’ post directly HERE.

*All photos in this article are taken from Midnight Angels’ post.

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