Offline three regions for the 8th year of the Gunny PC community

Recently, the event was offline Gunny PC community has entered the 8th year of the journey with a large number of Gunners participating in all three regions: North – Central – South. Initiated and maintained by German player Anh and veteran Gunners over the past 14 years Gunny PC, this event has become an important occasion for the community to meet, connect and is a testament to the Gunner community’s precious affection for the Gunny PC game. At the same time, this is also an opportunity to show the commitment and strong support of the Executive Board in building and developing a civilized and friendly gaming community.

Maintained for 8 years from South to North

Referring to Gunny PC is referring to the offline community series that takes place regularly every year, an achievement that not all long-standing games can follow, especially when compared to the game’s 14-year development journey. in the Vietnamese market. Yet this year is the 8th year that Gunny PC gamers have attended the offline community. They are excited to interact and fully participate in the activities taking place during the off sessions.

Vibrant party space offline in the North

Da Nang offline party is cozy and intimate

Bright and joyful smiles came from a large number of Gunners attending the offline event in the southern region

For the 8th year, Gunny PC organizes offline community events in three regions of the country. The preparations are always thoughtful from the banquet hall, entertainment performances, charming program hosts, to generous gifts for gamers. . Every year, there are many familiar Gunner faces attending, but there are also new members coming to join the fun to experience the legendary Chicken family offline. Regardless of age, whether they have “seniority” of playing Gunny PC measured in months or decades, gamers who come offline feel like all distances are dispelled, all are here with a simple love for the game. shoot this legendary coordinates gun.

All three venues were quickly stirred up by attractive entertainment performances, making the atmosphere more intimate and close. After the “happy handshake” scene, there are exciting and bustling friendly matches. Gamers are full of spirit when having direct interaction in real life, seeing each other’s interesting expressions during the competition.

The community creates a legendary offline brand

As explosive and professional as it is, Gunny Chicken offline is also special in that it was initiated and maintained by the government Gunny community PC, specifically player Duc Anh – a dedicated Gunner, operates it, along with the cooperation of other veteran gamers. From calling, sending invitations to planning, Duc Anh is in charge and works directly with the Gunny PC Executive Board to successfully implement the program. “Leader” Duc Anh has helped the Gunny PC community have a true offline space for the community. The gamer is also the connecting link between Gunner’s wishes and the Board of Directors, helping the community come closer together and easily. Easier to share your thoughts with the game operations team.

Player Duc Anh (yellow t-shirt) took a souvenir photo with Gunner. Duc Anh is known as the leader and captain of the fun in the Gunny PC community.

Gamer Nghia Hiep (from Vung Tau) is a participant in 2 offline sessions in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang this year. This is also a goal he sets for himself every offline season of Gunny PC, because “The game can be played anytime, but offline is definitely a must”. Returning after an unforgettable fun in Da Nang, Nghia Hiep shared: “The most wonderful moment is not when winning gifts, but simply shaking hands with other Gunners, especially with Gunny PC executives. Just standing next to the frame is enough to make him feel happy and indescribably nervous, perhaps never to be forgottenc”.​

Nghia Hiep brings offline beautiful Gunny PC equipment made by himself from handmade items

To fully feel the offline atmosphere and the fiery spirit of the four directions, quite a few Gunners attended all 3 venues of this year’s offline series. Indeed, the Offline Gunny PC community is an important event for Gunner, where gamers meet each other, from “rivals” to friends when entering real life. Moreover, offline community occasions are also an opportunity to more strongly affirm the tradition of Guild cohesion at Gunny PC, with a large number of Guilds gathering and affirming their identities.

Impressive offline moments at Ho Chi Minh City bridge

“If you are a Gunner, try Offline Gunny PC once”

The community group is a place to help Gunner preserve the moments of offline sessions. Certainly, commemorative photos, capturing bright smiles or hugs and handshakes full of affection are indispensable. These moments are shared in community groups and receive hundreds of positive interactions. Because perhaps just looking at those simple moments is enough to feel the special intimacy and connection of the Gunny PC community.

Offline Central region is full of familiar, warm faces like a big family

“If you’re a Gunner, try going to Offline Gunny PC once” and then become even more nostalgic after each return from Offline. These meetings are not simply an opportunity to have fun, but also a link that connects people with common passions, helping them have more companions in life. In addition to the numbers of attendees and the number of gifts given, Gunny PC’s operating team also achieved another success, which is the nostalgic feelings and expectations of players about many offline times. next.

The Northern Gunner community excitedly participated in offline performances and exchange activities

Offline in three regions 2023 ended with many beautiful emotions, especially Gunny PC successfully maintained a meaningful community activity. As the national name of the coordinate shooting genre, Gunny PC’s development journey will certainly go further with the companionship of the gaming community, bringing more civilized, meaningful entertainment experiences. meaningful and healthy.

Gunny PC – the top coordinates shooting game in the Vietnamese game market.​

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