Opportunity to receive Vinfast electric car and iPhone 15 Pro Max immediately with VNGGames Rewards

From November 22, 2023, all gamers have created accounts VNGGames Rewards will have the opportunity to participate in the Bigger and Lucky Event – the publisher’s biggest gratitude program of the year VNGGames.


Accordingly, when the number of accounts participating in VNGGames Rewards reaches certain milestones, gamers will receive a corresponding number of spins to participate in the lucky draw. Each player participating in the VNGGames Rewards program will receive a maximum of 05 spins during the event. Gamers can track these milestones at the homepage https://rewards.vnggames.com/. The lucky spin “The Eastern, the Lucky” will officially roll from 10:00 on November 29 and end at 10:00 on December 29, 2023.


With “fun” milestones like these, gifts for lucky people are equally attractive. With each spin in the program, players will have the opportunity to immediately own a Vinfast EVO 200 Lite electric motorbike (with battery), iPhone 15 Pro Max 256Gb phone, Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones, or Apple Watch Series 9 41mm . In addition, there are hundreds of Got It vouchers worth 50k – 100k, thousands of Zing cards, and more than 100,000 Coin rewards that will be added directly to the VNGGames Rewards account for lucky people.


Not stopping there, with each milestone achieved on the progress bar, VNGGames Rewards will immediately give all users giftcode sets worth from 80k – 200k. Gamers will use this code to convert into in-game rewards for all games integrated into the VNGGames Rewards program.

Currently, VNGGames Rewards has integrated 10 new role-playing and fighting games including: Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile, Martial Arts Legend Mobile, Sword World Origin, Martial Arts Legend MAX, Vo Lam Nhan Hiep VNG, Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG, OMG 3Q VNG, Tan Thien Long Mobile – VNG, Thien Nu 2 – VNGand Famous General 3Q – VNG. It is expected that by November 22, the VNGGames Rewards program will complete the integration of the next 5 games, including Gunny Origin (Vietnam), Gunny Mobi, ZingSpeed ​​Mobile, Play Together VNG, and Journey to the West VNG. The roadmap for integrating the remaining games will also be updated soon on the program’s official information channels.​

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