One gamer has explored all of Starfield’s planets


Starfield It’s only been out a month, but one player has already surveyed the entire planet universe of the game. The huge number of planets is one of Starfield’s biggest selling points. The game has more than 1,000 planets, a number that can make many players feel a bit redundant. But for those who have the ambition to conquer everything, typically Reddit users DoomZero, the number 1000 is not a problem. This player has surveyed 1694 planets in Starfield (almost all existing planets and only a few planets left unsurveyed due to errors).

This is an incredible achievement, especially considering that DoomZero said it took him 180 hours out of 200 hours of gameplay to survey the planets. In an interview with IGN, DoomZero shared how he achieved this feat as well as the reasons behind starting his quest to conquer the Starfield universe in the first place. “When I started playing and learning about surveying and surveying entire planets, that idea just stuck in my head,” DoomZero said. I’m a bit of a “clear the game” mentality and think it would just be a super cool personal achievement.”


According to DoomZero, the biggest challenge he faced was discovering all the different types of animals: “There might be little flying creatures and beetles that you need to find. The hardest thing was finding realize that there are also aquatic creatures that need to be surveyed in the ocean biome and that they can only be reached by landing in an area with a description (the shore). which I soon realized was the importance of all scanning skills.”

DoomZero players also mentioned how the vastness of the planets can be overwhelming and commented that some of his favorite locations are the moons. These moons contain only a few resources but are located very close to the major planets and the entire landscape is an image of that planet on the horizon. It seems that not every planet is interesting but there is still something special that players find on many planets.​

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