BTS Cooking On: TinyTAN Restaurant drove fans crazy at SXSW 2024


Recently, Com2uS’s new cooking simulation game, BTS Cooking On: TinyTAN Restaurant (referred to as BTS Cooking On), participated in the exhibition South by Southwest 2024 (SXSW 2024), the world’s largest general arts festival, and received a lot of attention and positive feedback from visitors. , this completely matches the expectations of global fans.


South by Southwest, abbreviated as SXSW, is an annual event that brings together films, music festivals, and interactive media and conferences, taking place every spring in March in Austin, Texas. , USA. This event not only attracts visitors from all over the world, but also has the participation of about 20,000 officials, artists, inventors, and global experts from the culture, entertainment, and media industries. Information and communication technology experts from more than 50 countries gather here to discuss, share and promote the latest trends.

Grampus, the developer of the game BTS Cooking On, held an exclusive exhibition booth in the common space of Korea organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency at the Creative Industries Expo, takes place from March 10 to March 12, and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every day for three days of display.


Many visitors to the exhibition stopped by the BTS Cooking On booth to experience TinyTAN’s sweet, adorable style in the game through the videos and stickers displayed here. Everyone responded and interacted excitedly and lined up to take photos with game characters at the photo wall.

In addition, the booth also organizes a quiz event every day to help players learn about BTS Cooking On more easily and interestingly, while also stimulating curiosity and anticipation for the game. officially released through promotional activities about its gameplay, features, and worldview. Many visitors who successfully solved fun puzzles received TinyTAN-related gifts. The exhibition booth organizers also actively connect with potential global players as well as encourage players to register in advance and participate in accompanying events on social media channels.


A visitor to the booth said: “I really liked this developer’s previous products, and I hope this new game is just as attractive and fun.” Reporters at the exhibition also recorded positive feedback and comments from other visitors such as: “The TinyTAN characters are so cute.”, or “”This is a character that I fell in love with.” for a long time, and I also love BTS’s music, so I’m even more interested in this game.”

BTS Cooking On, developed by Grampus and published by Com2uS, is a game in which you and TinyTAN (characters from the band BTS) run restaurants serving a variety of traditional dishes from each of the above regions. road trip to different locations around the world. Game maker Grampus is very famous for cooking games like Cooking Adventure and My Little Chef that have garnered 33 million downloads globally. They have received remarkable praise and attention from both avid global gamers and K-pop fans thanks to their collaboration with BTS character TinyTAN.


While immersed in this title, players can receive various collectible items as they travel to different cities and prepare dishes. These items include photocards depicting TinyTAN characters, and stories interpreted through TinyTAN’s charming worldview, as well as TinyTAN performance stages decorated by the players themselves. In addition, players can also enjoy familiar songs in thematic order from different BTS albums on the stage they have decorated while viewing TinyTAN photocards.

BTS Cooking On has started pre-registering players since last month. As expected, this game will be officially released in more than 170 countries worldwide during the first six months of this year. Pre-registration portal has been opened on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Onestore. Detailed information is also posted on BTS Cooking On’s official website and social media channels.

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