Not only is it a shooting Pokemon, Palworld even allows “human trafficking”


Palworld advertised as “Shooting Pokemon” and even though it’s a unique franchise, there’s a darker side to the game: it’s capture and sell human parts. While live streaming, one gamer was horrified to discover that they could capture NPCs in small PokeBall-like devices while experiencing the game New MMO.

This gamer revealed that human parts are “very valuable”, so throwing away all moral shackles and slaughtering others could be of great benefit. Perhaps the tide has finally turned and people are now experiencing what it is like to be squeezed into a small ball themselves. It seems that all living things in Palworld are treated in a “quite inhumane” way, because their companions – the Pals – are also treated as tools to serve many different purposes.

Despite the above aspect, this game is achieving great commercial success. According to the developer Pocketpairthe game is over 2 million sales in the first 24 hours of launch, with the number of concurrent players surpassing 700,000. This helps Palworld enter the top 10 hottest games of all time on Steam, possessing a number of players at one time surpassing Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Among Us and Grand Theft Auto V.

Pocketpair said the overwhelmingly successful launch forced them to hold an “emergency meeting” with Epic Games to resolve the server connection error caused when experiencing Palworld in Co-op mode on Xbox and Xbox. PC.


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