Genshin Impact – Instructions on how to Build Sara

Genshin Impact 2.1 officially launched on September 1, bringing exciting content such as new exploration locations, characters, and events. Besides the two 5-star characters are Raiden Shogun and Kokomi, the 4-star character Black Feather Arrow – Kujou Sara also attracts the attention of many players.
Sara is the current general of the Tenryou Association, responsible for protecting the security of Inazuma Castle. But for her, assisting Raiden Shogun in achieving “eternity” is the most important thing.


Sara is a lightning archer and can be built in two styles: support and DPS.​

– Weapon: Night Waltz​

– Holy relic: Seal of Separation (set of 4)

The “portable battery” build helps Sara use elemental skills more often and effectively. Night Waltz increases elemental skill damage by 20% for 5 seconds after basic attacks; Increases basic attack damage by 20% after elemental skills hit enemies for 5 seconds. Bow of Rituals is another alternative with a 50% elemental skill CD time refresh rate after use.

Seal of Separation will grant Sara 20% more elemental charge effectiveness and increase rage skill damage based on 25% elemental charge effect (maximum increase of 75%). If not using the Mark of Separation, the 4-piece set Like Thunder’s Rage is another suitable choice for Sara. This set of holy relics increases overload, inductance, and superconductivity reaction damage by 40%, and when activating these elemental reactions, the elemental skill CD is reduced by 1 second.


– Weapon: Sky Wing

– Holy relic: Ancient Apostolic Ritual (set of 4 items)

Although Sara is not the most ideal DPS, this character will bring interesting experiences to players. Skywing possesses the highest base attack of any bow currently available in Genshin Impact. In addition, this weapon also increases attack rate, attack damage and creates more damage for the character. Black Lava Bow can replace Sky Wing, if the player does not have this 5-star weapon.

For holy relics, the set of 4 Ancient Apostolic Rituals gives Sara and her teammates 20% rage skill damage and 20% damage. Players can also use a combination of two sets of Gladiator’s Horn and Endless Memories with the effect of increasing attack by 18% for each set. Players should invest in Sara with additional stats on strike rate, strike damage, elemental charging efficiency and a glass that increases Lightning elemental damage.


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