NetEase Games introduces the urban world in the role-playing game Project Mugen

Players will take on the role of an investigator who is searching and researching Chaos, traveling around the world, making friends, and facing dangerous adventures. Naked Rain hope that Project Mugen can bring players a new experience when freely exploring urban.


The development team always strives to combine the feeling of “freedom” with an “urban” atmosphere. To achieve this goal, the developer used procedural city environment generation technology to quickly build entire cities, thereby incorporating human-designed urban ecosystems to paint a complete and vibrant urban landscape right before the players’ eyes.

In such a large city, how can the characters move and navigate effectively? Movements such as swinging, clinging, swimming and driving are all integrated into a single intuitive system. The developer calls it a highly portable 3C system. With the 3C system, players can easily switch between different modes of transportation, traveling around and between the city’s skyscrapers.

As for urban exploration, Naked Rain’s designers pointed out that street objects are not just decorations but also objects that can be vandalized or salvaged, opening up new possibilities. new to explore and interact with. This idea increased the development team’s workload, but the freedom to explore is what’s really important for a game like Project Mugen.

When walking on the street, players can interact with almost any object on the street. Whether it’s destroying the streets or relaxing by playing with cats, players can do whatever they want in the world of Project Mugen.

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