Naughty Dog suddenly revealed about The Last of Us Part 3

Documentary about the making of part 2 of The Last of Us, Grounded 2, launched yesterday on February 2 and revealed some interesting details about the potential next game. In the movie, Neil Druckmann, the creator The Last of Us Part 2shared his progress in developing the story for the series’ third installment.

The documentary Grounded 2 has been posted on Youtube

In the summer of 2023, there were news leaks claiming that The Last of Us Part 3 will follow a new group of survivors in some part of the story. The new characters will encounter or exist alongside Ellie, who is said to remain the central character in the series. Since then, these leaks have not been confirmed and may be completely fabricated, so readers can ignore them. Now, however, series creator Neil Druckmann has shared some much more reliable details about his efforts in creating The Last of Us Part 3.​

The Remastered version exclusively for PS5 of The Last of Us Part 2 was released on January 19.

At the end of Grounded 2, Druckmann explains that he struggled for years to come up with a suitable concept for The Last of Us Part 3, but recently formulated an idea for what he believes is a sequel. worthy for the game. Druckmann’s idea for the third title was “its own thing”, but retained content from the first two games, focusing on themes such as love and justice. The director also did not give any specific details about the sequel’s story and explained that it is currently in the concept stage. It seems that Ellie will still appear in The Last of Us Part 3, but it is likely that the game will have a “time skip” and many new characters. However, this is just speculation. Druckmann did not explicitly confirm that The Last of Us Part 3 is in development, but did say that “Perhaps there is one more chapter to this story.”

Druckmann also explained that The Last of Us Part 2 ended in a way that closely tied up the series’ themes, and he was unsure whether a third game needed to be made. However, Druckmann’s new idea for a third game was interesting enough to make him excited about bringing The Last of Us Part 3. Druckmann explained that this new idea was as interesting to him as the original. concept of the first and second games, which are considered by many to be masterpieces.​


Druckmann has previously expressed interest in telling The Last of Us story around Joel’s younger brother Tommy. Initially, it was reported that this would be Naughty Dog’s approach for the third game, but in Grounded 2, Druckmann explained that the Tommy-centric concept was never planned to become a reality. main game, but a smaller project, a DLC, or a spin-off.

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