Manga The Witcher raised capital successfully beyond expectations with 18 billion

As you know CD Projekt organized a capital call on Kickstarter for The Witcher: Roninseries manga new set in space The Witcher. This capital campaign recently officially ended and was much more successful than the developer’s original expectations.​


Even though they know that CD Projekt has huge financial resources, money will never become a problem preventing The Witcher: Ronin from launching, but The Witcher’s huge fandom still does not hesitate to withdraw their funds to support the project. My favorite project. This Kickstarter campaign reached its goal just 2 hours after starting. The Witcher: Ronin has earned a total of 678,036 Euro (more than 18 billion VND) in copyright contributions from fans, 7.5 times the target CD Projekt initially set.

With that huge amount of support, CD Projekt Red will bring a series with many beautiful covers, new short stories and an encyclopedia of monsters appearing in the manga. Of course, there will be a main series drawn in the classic black and white manga style.

The Witcher: Ronin is expected to be released in January 2022 for 35 Euro (about 930 thousand VND). Fans can buy this manga through official retail channels, but there will not be many gifts. come as donation participants in Kickstarter. The basic version includes a hardcover storybook, a postcard, and published content.

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