Naraka – Top strongest weapons in the game

Naraka: Bladepoint is becoming a game title Battle Royale is getting the most attention today when it brings the theme of swordplay to gamers. Not only that, with beautiful graphics, beautiful gameplay and extremely fast gameplay speed, Naraka has breathed new life into the saturated world of survival games today.

Therefore, to help more gamers get acquainted with Naraka as quickly as possible, GameHub would like to have a guide on the Top ultimate weapons in the game at the present time. With this article, we hope readers can soon catch up with the game and win for themselves.

Spear – Long spear

The long spear is an extremely powerful weapon in the game with extremely fast attack speed. Not only that, with a wide attack range, it’s almost impossible for enemies with low health to escape your pincer position. At the same time, the ability to accumulate internal energy or perform a full combo will allow the player to deal a huge amount of damage and knock the enemy away.


Longsword – Long sword

Another introductory weapon for Naraka gamers. Although the long sword’s basic attack is nothing special, the attack that accumulates internal force will allow gamers to perform extremely powerful horizontal and vertical slashes. With a wide damage range and the ability to break the enemy’s position, this move of the long sword is one of the moves that gamers use the most today.


Katana – Japanese Sword

Unlike the long sword, Katana’s internal energy accumulation technique allows gamers to release a series of swords at extremely fast speed. Once combined with a hook, gamers will have an extremely powerful combo to ambush the enemy and significantly remove blood from the prey’s body.


Repeating Crossbow – Rapid-fire crossbow

The rapid-fire crossbow can be considered a long-range weapon with an operating mechanism most similar to a gun in Naraka. With a fast rate of fire and the ability to continuously discharge “bullets” onto the target, this weapon allows gamers to cause a large amount of damage in a short time. The weakness is that you have to adjust the “loading” time before engaging in battle, completely convenient for raids on large numbers of enemies.


In addition, a tool can also be considered an extremely powerful weapon that gamers can incorporate into combat. That’s the hook. There, when you hit the target, you can close the distance in extremely fast time, not to mention that when you rush in, you can also give the opponent a few more significant bruising moves. Combined with melee weapons, this is one of the things you must take advantage of to win.

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