Exciting semi-final day of Lien Quan Mobile International tournament – AIC 2023

The 4 strongest teams were present at the Military Region 7 Gymnasium to prepare AIC 2023 semi-finals

2 Thai representatives were present at the Military Region 7 Gymnasium, ready for the opening match in the Winners’ Semifinals. AIC 2023.

With destructive performance through each round, Talon is considered a “giant” at AIC 2023. Up to now, the team has won all opponents and only lost 2 games in total. 19 games participated.

Talon – The team is in sublime form at AIC 2023

Against strong opponents like Talon and Valencia CF Esports is expected to create miracles. The classy comeback against Flash Wolves showed this team’s great desire to compete for this year’s championship. VCF had a magical journey when it reached the Semi-finals with the position of a team starting from the Selection round.

Valencia CF Esports – Talon’s opponent in the Semifinals of the AIC 2023 winner’s bracket

AIC 2023 is the first time the new generation of Flash Wolves entered the International Top 4. Their opponent is none other than the team of predecessor mid laner XiXi. Flash Wolves’ lineup of young talents will definitely bring emotional battles against Hong Kong Attitude.

Flash Wolves are on the big stage, ready for an important battle

At the AIC 2023 tournament, Hong Kong Attitude is the name that makes opponents quite bored with their annoying “sleeping” style of play. Successfully defeating BRO Esports to participate in the Semifinals of the loser’s bracket, Hong Kong Attitude’s performance against potential opponent Flash Wolves is highly anticipated by the audience.

Hong Kong Attitude is ready to face Flash Wolves

Fans were present at the Military Region 7 Gymnasium very early to wait for the AIC 2023 festival.

Even though it’s not yet competition time, the heat of the AIC 2023 stage is too obvious. At the bridgehead of Military Region 7 Gymnasium, a large number of spectators and fans were present very early to fuel the teams.

Not only are there exciting and dramatic matches, Military Region 7 Stadium also offers a series of interesting activities for fans. At Game Booths, audiences and fans can participate in a series of exciting Offline events to win gifts.

Fans check-in at Military Region 7 Gymnasium very early

Fans participate in gift hunting before the match

The atmosphere of Military Region 7 Gymnasium is full of excitement

Along with the excitement from the audience and fans, the Military Region 7 Stadium also had the presence of KOLs from Arena of valor

A group of KOLs appeared on the fiery Semi-final stage

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