Nakwon: Last Paradise – New zombie game from creator Dave the Diver

Developers Mintrocket just revealed his next project, which is Nakwon: Last Paradise. This game will take players from the chill life of managing a sushi restaurant and snorkeling to a contrasting environment in Seoul citywhere the zombie wave is exploding.


The content of Nakwon is divided into two main parts: Scouting and Simulation. In Scouting, players need to leave their safe haven, enter the zombie-infested suburbs of Seoul to gather resources, and then return to a safe area. Other players and AI-controlled zombies will make the above task difficult.

The developer emphasized that zombies in Nakwon are very much like hunters and cannot be defeated. Players must move on the streets as silently as possible to avoid detection, running away when necessary. And if you successfully return to the safe zone alive, the second content of the game, the Simulation part, will begin.

Back in the safe zone, players can sell earned resources to earn money and advance to higher Citizen Levels to unlock better perks and benefits. Mintrocket explains: “Every day, players need to choose between going out to search or staying indoors. However, the foot must still constantly ensure there is enough food to avoid starvation and make the best choice whenever an unexpected event occurs.”

Nakwon: Last Paradise has been in development since last December and is still in the “early stages”. The development team is currently focusing on the Scouting aspect of the experience. However, even though it’s in its early days, the studio said: “Getting community feedback will be important for us and so we want to start sharing information soon.” To that end, the studio also announced a pre-alpha beta launching later this year.

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