Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water – The most haunting horror game scheduled to come to PC

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was not well received when released on Wii U in 2015. The game received many negative reviews such as “repetitive action”, “uninteresting plot” and “no redeeming factor”. scared.” Those are the worst reviews for a horror game. Maybe version remake With the series’ 20th anniversary coming up, the game is getting a makeover.

Maiden of Black Water takes place on a terrifying mountain famous for suicides and supernatural phenomena. The story develops from the perspective of three characters. The original version used the Wii U gamepad’s camera to follow the series’ most prominent feature: Maiden of Black Water revolved around taking photos to scare away bad guys instead of fighting them head-on.


The remake marks a first for a game Fatal Frame released on PC. The trailer of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water remake was shown at the presentation E3 2021. Additionally, the trailer also reveals that the above release Steam will include “Photo mode and new outfits.” This isn’t the kind of celebration fans of the series were hoping for, but the remake has raised hopes of a new Fatal Frame game being made from the franchise. Koei Tecmo.


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