My jaw dropped when the BBC reporter mistook the Gundam statue for a Transformer but still slashed like a god

Because the Covid19 epidemic is still evolving unpredictably in Japan, at this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games, matches will take place without spectators. However, there is a special “spectator” who still appears regularly in some outdoor competitions, which is the giant anime robot. RX-0 Unicorn Gundam.


In some disciplines there is open space around the competition area, Gundam easily slipping into the background as the camera captures the athletes’ profile, giving a unique sense of the statue’s size. Main sheet BBC also had to admire the giant size of the statue on Twitter, but even though the UK broadcaster is one of the oldest news agencies and respected by the audience, they cannot avoid confusion.


The BBC’s tweet said: “Just when you are stunned by the speed of the climb, you will also be stunned by a transformer in this year’s Olympics”. In fact, Gundam and Transformer are two completely different brands. Even Gundam is not a “follow-up” name when it appeared 5 years earlier than Transformer when the movie Mobile Suit Gundam was first released in 1979.

Even though they are both transforming robots, the nature of these robots is also very different. While Transformers are sentient machines with unique personalities, with Gundam, these machines are simply military equipment, without any soul, acting as literal vehicles. and tells the story of human conflicts figuratively.


However, despite being called by the wrong name, the fact that Gundam caught the attention of the BBC is also one of the ways to confirm that Japan was right when deciding to organize the 2020 Olympics – Transmitting Japanese culture to friends in five continents.

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