MSI introduces an AI-integrated screen to help users have an “advantage” when playing games

AI is definitely the keyword now CES 2024 and almost all upcoming hardware devices will be integrated with many AI features and some features will surprise many people. MSI introduced screen MEG 321URX QD-OLED The company’s upcoming show at the ongoing show in Las Vega and its AI-powered SkySight feature has the potential to detect and reveal enemy locations in League of Legends using the icon on the screen.


The screen uses an accelerator AI integration to analyze the minimap and then predict incoming opponents before notifying the user with an icon on the screen. Besides, MEG 321URX QD-OLED also has another game monitoring feature that helps users control the health bar displayed by an RGB light strip on the screen itself.

MSI says this game tracking feature is not limited to League of Legends, but that it will release an app that will allow users to train AI to recognize and react to enemies and other on-screen elements in the game. any game they desire.


Besides the above outstanding AI integration features, MSI’s new monitor also possesses impressive technical specifications. 32 inch screen used QD-OLED 4k panel with a contrast ratio of 15000000:1, refresh rate of 240Hz and response time of 0.03 ms, enough to achieve VESA Clear MR 13000 certification. The above figures show that MEG 321URX is designed specifically for Competitive gaming, so features AI monitors the game can be a thorny problem for esports tournaments. AI processing takes place directly on the screen so it is virtually undetectable by current anti-cheat software.

This may be the most interesting use of AI at CES this year. For non-competitive uses, MSI’s new monitor can be very useful, especially for people with visual perception problems or limited vision, as they may have difficulty difficulty following fast-paced action through a traditional game interface.

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