Mortal Kombat 11 is officially “open”, the developer focuses on the new project


After release Mortal Kombat 11 more than two years, developer NetherRealm announced that they will stop supporting content for one of the best fighting games out there. NetherRealm confirmed it is currently “focusing on its next project,” a statement that immediately sparked speculation about Injustice 3.

NetherRealm posted an announcement on the official Mortal Kombat Twitter account that they will not be releasing more DLC or new characters for Mortal Kombat. MK11. This announcement immediately puts to rest speculation about Fighter Pack 3 and updated content about Deathstroke – another character from DC Comics. Fans were quick to point out that despite NetherRealm having committed to supporting MK11 for over two years, the developer has actually not released new content for the game since the cinematic skin pack in November. Many MK11 fans have expressed their dissatisfaction and regret at the unexpected ending of this fighting game.​


In addition, fans also immediately made a guess about NetherRealm’s next game and logically, it could be Injustice 3. This guess is completely well-founded because an Injustice animated movie could be possible. will release later this year and NetherRealm has been alternating projects on Injustice and Mortal Kombat since 2011.

If Injustice 3 is indeed NetherRealm’s next game, it is likely that the game will be announced at DC Fandome 2021 taking place next October. In 2020, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League and Gotham Knights were revealed at the above event.

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