Collab event “Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna x Reincarnated as a Sword”

Collab event between fantasy emotional RPG <Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna> and famous Japanese anime <Reincarnated as a Sword> officially begins! For this collab event, SuperPlanet has had a very thoughtful preparation, from the Event Tunnel to all kinds of attractive costumes and events. Let’s find out everything about this collab event!

and held a collab event

The adorable but cruel girl Fran appears at Tap Dragon!

The Black Cat girl and her teammates from appeared in Tap Dragon’s Kingdom of Stonia.

is a light novel with original work by Yuu Tanaka and a famous Japanese anime. This work tells the story of the development and adventure journey of “Fran” – a girl descended from slaves from the Black Cat tribe – and “Master (Sword)” – a character reincarnated into an intelligent sword after Traffic deaths.

At this collab event, the characters of including “Fran” and “Master”, “Amanda”, “Klimt”, “Donadrond” will join Luna to start their adventure at Tap Dragon!

Luna and Fran become stronger at the “Labyrinth” Event Vault!

Players can actually experience the collab event at the “Maze” Dungeon that appears during the collab. The Labyrinth is completed by enhancing and Master (Sword) teammates, and upon completing the Dungeon, the player can obtain various types of skills and more teammates.

Strengthen your teammates with the “Reputation” resource obtained in the Labyrinth! With Master (Sword), players can enhance with “Magic Stones” received in the Event Dungeon and Main Level. Not only that, when purchasing the Event Pass, players can also receive the “Amanda” and “Klimt” skins. Do not miss it!

Fran’s 4 Cute Outfits!

Fran’s 4 super cute outfits are the highlight of this collab event! All skins including can be worn for free depending on the number of floors in the Labyrinth, so all players Anyone who comes to the collab event can own the outfit. The more costumes you own, the more your ability index will increase, so gathering all the collections is very important!

This collab event has been prepared so that players can not only immerse themselves in the story of but also feel the unique appeal of “Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna”. Right now, let’s go see the collab event between “Tap Dragon” and !​

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