Monster Hunter Now hits 10 million downloads after 35 days


The latest mobile game in the cross-platform monster hunting series, Monster Hunter Now marked an important moment for both Capcom and Niantic. For Capcom, the game is a unique, mobile-specific experience for the brand Monster Hunter. As for Niantic, the game represents the publisher’s biggest success since Pokémon Go.

The results of the collaboration between Niantic and Capcom were first revealed in April through a short Monster Hunter Now trailer, confirming that a new Monster Hunter-themed game would be released with AR gameplay. and Niantic’s signature geolocation.


After the Closed Beta period, the game entered the pre-registration phase and attracted three million players. Monster Hunter Now increased Capcom’s shares by 6% and quickly eclipsed revenue from other Niantic titles Pikmin Bloom and Peridot. In fact, MHN has become Niantic’s second-biggest game after Pokémon Go, generating more than $31 million in revenue with 68.66% of that coming from Japanese fans. The game has been heavily promoted in Japan – Capcom and Niantic understand that this is the market that provides an important player base for the new Monster Hunter title.

With the desire to reach new people as well as attract existing players, Monster Hunter Now is currently preparing for its first seasonal in-game event. To celebrate Halloween, players can craft special armor and a special group of Kulu-Ya-Ku will attack the world. Additionally, Niantic is also celebrating the achievement of 10 million installs with redeemable gifts on the online store.​

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