Do Mixi “lost” nearly 5 months’ salary due to copyright negligence from 2 years ago

After a long vacation back to Cao Bang to visit Ly’s mother, the Patriarch returned to viewers on the evening of June 30, 2021. On the stream, in addition to sharing about Hai Phong friends taking the bus to Hanoi to play soccer and stories about returning home for summer vacation, Mixi Degree suddenly revealed to fans about an incident he recently encountered related to the problem license background music on Youtube.

Specifically, one fine day, Do Mixi received an email from a foreign company accusing him of using their copyrighted music without permission for a long time and if he did not contact to resolve it within 7 days then be ready to receive a lawsuit. And the copyrighted music that this company mentioned is in the vlog of the Patriarch visiting the 2nd base bakery of the company. streamer PewPew was posted about 2 years ago.


After contacting to resolve, this foreign company requested the Patriarch to compensate an amount equal to 5% of the total number of views of the video (12 million views). According to their calculation, 1000 views = 30 Euro, so the amount of money that the person He had to pay up to about 300 million VND. However, in Vietnam, the way to calculate income is not the same. According to his own public statement, the 12 million views his video has had in the past 2 years, he only earned about more than 3,000 USD in advertising money, equivalent to nearly 69 million only.

Finally, after a process of good faith negotiation but the other side still made unreasonable demands, the Patriarch accepted to be “beaten” for copyright and compensated the amount of 1600 USD (about 36 million VND), equivalent to 5 months of your salary. So the problem was solved and he also hid the vlog of visiting his bakery. Luckily, he only used this copyrighted music in a single video.


The patriarch also explained his mistake that because the company had created a YouTube channel sharing music that was too similar to a free music channel without copyright, he mistakenly used their music. After carefully studying the description of the song, the Patriarch noticed the line “as small as a germ” requiring music users to attach a link in their product.

However, there is a much simpler solution that is also applied by most people when encountering copyright infringement cases: deleting the video. But according to the person he shared:

Original text shared by Do Mixi.


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