Mojang is developing 2 new Minecraft games?

First launched in 2011, Minecraft has achieved resounding success worldwide, making a name for itself Mojang to a new level. And it seems that this studio is planning to develop two other games in the Minecraft universe.​


This information was revealed from the Windows Central site, senior editor of this site Jez Corden shared:

After this information, the fan community also found a few clues that could be signs of a new Minecraft game. In recent months, Minecraft’s official Instagram has posted many cute animated clips of retro-style Minecraft. It could simply be interesting content that the studio wants to share with players or it could also be suggestions for other games in the same universe.​


Up to this point, Minecraft is definitely Mojang Studios’ most successful game. During its 11th anniversary, Mojang Studios announced that Minecraft has sold more than 200 million copies across all platforms with more than 126 million monthly active players, which is certainly a number that many games different wishes. That’s why developing a new game in this universe after Minecraft Earth – a game that closed in June 2020 due to the impact of the pandemic, and Minecraft Dungeon is not difficult to understand.

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