Chiyo – Transforms into an ancient exorcist in the infamous Japanese horror game

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Hon’iden is a famous family in the region, owning a huge estate built in the mountainous area east of Gotsu city. Always considered highly virtuous, but recently this family has begun to attract the attention of people around the area because of extremely strange phenomena. In the past, people of the Hon’iden family often came down the mountain early in the morning, carrying extremely heavy trunks and bags.

But after this stopped, people began to see lifeless figures wandering around the family compound. It’s not clear whether they are alive or dead, people gradually spread the news about the death of this private garden and warned to stay away if possible. It didn’t take long for things to become more bizarre when a giant vortex appeared right above the mansion, signaling that some kind of evil was gradually growing in the Hon’iden property.

Along with the exorcist Idate Chiyoyou will step into this mansion full of death and reveal the mystery behind the death of the Hon’iden family.


Chiyo’s gameplay will let players delve deeply into ancient Japanese rituals and exorcisms. With different moves, you can make to decode the mystery and find your way forward. Chiyo’s special feature is the dark, gloomy and cramped atmosphere of a haunted mansion. Players often have to fumble inside cramped corridors and dark closed rooms.

One of the most haunting scenes of Chiyo is the dolls surrounding it on all sides, only moving when the player turns away. Struggling to move in a narrow space, players will feel like they have truly reached a dead end when the doll’s pale faces and dark eyes lean close to the screen.


If you want to feel the spice of fear from old Japanese movies, Chiyo is definitely an indie game worth checking out. Now released on SteamChiyo is ready for the player Experience it now.

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