Meet the quartet of Vo Lam 102 Champions: Victory for those who deserve it

After more than a month of jubilant start with all kinds of emotions, finally Vo Lam 102 also found the 4 most worthy contestants for the title of Champion. That’s Baby_Heo, MaxQuuy comes from Martial Arts Legend 1 Mobile; and _PhuongCuu_ and -Kem_Gai-, represent Martial Arts Legend Mobile. Recently GameHub was lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk to you Champion of Martial Arts 102 to learn more about them and their journey to becoming a winner today.

Be_Heo: A multi-talented female student who is deeply loved by the gaming community

Baby_Heo’s real name is Tran Gia Han, currently a 4th year student majoring in Business Administration at Hong Bang International University, Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to studying like many other students, Gia Han also does business in the fashion industry and works as a photo model. Maybe that’s why Gia Han’s contest photos are always sparkling and professional.​


Bé_Heo is also a familiar name to the gaming community, she has participated in many competitions organized by VLTK1M. Most recently, on September 19, this gamer excelled in reaching the Top 1 inter-server battle sect of Ba Lang Huyen (Nga Mi sect). Even though she has experience competing, Gia Han still cannot avoid stress when registering to participate in a big competition like Vo Lam 102. Luckily, she is always supported by her brothers on the server. Gia Han confided that she had received a lot of encouragement from everyone, thanks to which she knew how much everyone loved her.

Talking about the secret to winning more 102 Hearts, Gia Han did not hesitate to share:

The female Champion of VLTK1M also revealed that she will continue to accompany and try to learn more about knowledge and gaming skills to not disappoint everyone’s love.

_PhuongCuu_: The graceful shadow of VLTKM

Like Be_Heo, the female Champion of VLTKM _PhuongCuu_ is currently a student, she is studying at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Dai Nam University, Hanoi. Sharing about Vo Lam 102, Lan Huong (real name of _PhuongCuu_) said that the competition organized by VNG was more special than the competitions she had participated in before, most clearly shown by the focus on talent, contestants’ beauty and behavior.​


During her time participating in Vo Lam 102, this girl born in 1995 had many memories and difficulties:

Lan Huong said she will continue to accompany VLTKM in the future and hopes to contribute some of her energy to the game if given the opportunity. On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the launch of VLTKM, Lan Huong sends her wishes, hoping that VLTKM will grow stronger and develop brilliantly to have many more 5-year anniversaries.

-Kem_Gai-: The only VLTKM boy to reach the Finals

The VLTKM Champion’s real name is Vo Thanh Hoang, currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. Initially, this 25-year-old man only wanted to join Vo Lam 102 to test his skills, but with the support of his brothers in the Ma Giao clan and the gaming community, he suddenly “quieted everything” to become a The only contestant representing VLTKM to enter Phase 2 – Round 3 of the Vo Lam 102 competition.​


Opening up about his emotions when he learned the results of the contest, Hoang could not contain his surprise and emotion:

The male gamer also sent his best wishes to VLTKM, hoping that the game will receive more support from the community in the future. He said he will continue to stick with VLTKM because “the game is so good”.

MaxQuu: “Male god” number 1 of VLTK1M

Our final Champion is none other than MaxQuy, the guy from S13 of VLTK1M. Sharing more information with GameHub about himself, the hotboy of Vo Lam 102 said his name is Cuong and is currently working at the Auto Care Center, specializing in refurbishing and updating cars.

Registering to attend Vo Lam 102 with the goal of having fun with fellow VTLK1M members, Cuong did not expect to become the Champion of the competition. For him, the feeling of waiting for results from the Organizing Committee is as “suffocating” as waiting for graduation exam scores:


With the motto of “burning” with all his might, expressing himself in the most sincere way, Cuong has received enthusiastic support from friends, colleagues and even strange gamers who have never met him or her. talk with. Through this, I also want to thank all my friends who enthusiastically supported me to achieve my current achievements.

Confiding more about his future plans, the male Champion of VLTK1M said he will continue to devote himself to the childhood game; At the same time, see the Champion title as a bridge to light the fire and transmit the passion for VLTK1M to brothers and friends.

With a total prize value of up to 38 billion VND, Vo Lam 102 has received the attention of many gamers since the information was announced. In more than 1 month of launching, the contest has achieved many remarkable achievements with more than 15,000 registrations in the first round, of which more than 12,000 valid registrations. Along with that, nearly 31,500,000 102 Hearts – in-game items and also votes – the audience voted during the event.

Just looking at those numbers is enough to see the scale and investment of the Organizing Committee as well as the enthusiastic support of the gaming community for the contest and the contestants. Hopefully in the future VNG will continue to create more playgrounds and organize more quality competitions for the gaming community.

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