Meet the contestants who are temporarily leading the final stage of Vo Lam 102

Talent and beauty arena worth 38 billion VND – Vo Lam 102 – organized by publisher VNG is reaching its final moments, before announcing the names of 4 final champions from 2 games. Martial Arts Legend Mobile (VLTKM) and Martial Arts Legend 1 Mobile (VLTK1M). In the previous article, Gamehub had the opportunity to chat with three charming contestants Tieu-Muoi, Sister-Thirteen and ONE-TEA. Today, we are fortunate to continue to listen to the sharing from _PhuongCuu_, Bach-Tran, Thien_Tuong and -Kem_Gai-. This quartet of young men and women are all outstanding faces and are currently ranked quite high, with high expectations from the community for the title of Vo Lam 102 Champion this year.

_PhuongCuu_, Bach-Tran…

…Thien_Tuong and -Kem_Gai- are the faces with many chances to win the Champion award.

It is known that among the 4 contestants chatting today, the two girls _Phuong Cuu_ and Bach-Tran have experience fighting in previous talent contests in the martial arts world. The most recent is the girl _Phuong Cuu_ who participated in Vo Lam. Ky Tai 2019. Maybe that’s why when coming to Vo Lam 102 this year, the two girls easily got used to the exam rules and how to call for votes to advance to the Final Round.

_PhuongCuu_: Opportunity to make many new friends and wish to bring home the award for S238 (VLTKM)

Talking about Vo Lam 102, Phuong Cuu said: “I see that this is a very large-scale contest, bringing together many talented and outstanding gamers with extremely attractive prizes… This time participating, I want to have more opportunities to interact, as well as challenge yourself”.


Registering for the contest in a very comfortable mood, _Phuong Cuu_ was quite surprised when she received such a large number of votes. According to this beautiful girl, she has been with the game VLTKM for 4 years. What keeps her here “Not only because the game has beautiful graphics and rich activities, but also because of the friendships gained while playing the game. My teammates are like my brothers and sisters, they care and love me very much.”

Besides, _PhuongCuu_ also opened up when she said that during the application process, there were times when she doubted herself, but it was thanks to the constant support of relatives and friends that she was able to overcome more than 15,000 votes. Application form to compete and achieve Top 1 VLTKM game in Phase 1 – Round 3 recently.

Bach-Tran: The beauty is attracted to the “virtual but unimaginable world” of VLTK1M

As for Bach-Tran, she said she is a long-time gamer of VNG, so she completely believes in the quality and prestige of contests organized by NPH, as is Vo Lam 102. In addition, Bach-Tran also feels that this year’s arena is extremely interesting.


Coming to the contest to test her strength, Bach-Tran was equally surprised as _PhuongCuu_ when she received a “storm” of votes right from the first qualifying rounds. As if to respond to the sincerity of the enthusiastic audience, the runner-up in Phase 1 – Round 3 of VLTK1M carefully prepared their contest videos. Bach-Tran recounted that because she stayed up all night filming the video over and over again until she was satisfied, she had a fever and only got better 1-2 days later. However, the girl still felt very happy and humorous because she thought she was back to the time when students had to prepare for university exams to the point that they were sick and tired and didn’t dare to take a break.

And Bach-Tran’s efforts were not wasted, up to now she is one of the top three contestants in terms of Tim votes on the rankings. However, this beautiful girl is not subjective at all, always defending firmly against other handsome men and beautiful women in the competition.

Thien_Tuong: “Everyone in the company plays the game VLTK1M and supports it wholeheartedly”

In a talent and beauty arena where women dominate, men will often be a bit behind. However, this does not seem to be true for the Vo Lam 102 contest, when Thien_Tuong’s number of votes and Tim votes are not inferior to any of the sisters, and are even more outstanding and receive more attention from the audience.


When chatting with Thien_Tuong, Gamehub learned that this was the first time he participated in a contest in the community even though he had known and been attached to this Vo Lam game series for a long time. During 2004 – 2010, Thien_Tuong “fought” the legendary PC version of VLTK. Recently, when the mobile version reminiscent of childhood memories was released with the name VLTK1M, he immediately created an account and joined right away.

Thien_Tuong also confided that he himself is so attached to the game VLTK1M because he enjoys “the ups and downs of emotions during sieges, boss hunting, and brothers cheering wholeheartedly”; The feeling of satisfaction when accompanying friends to fight across game maps. This is definitely the most prominent and remembered thing every time someone mentions the Vo Lam community.

Besides his generous spirit, Gamehub also partly identified Thien-Tuong as a straightforward, concise and extremely funny guy. When asked to send a message to the other contestants in Vo Lam 102, he simply said: “Good luck next time”. Even with a half-joking, half-serious attitude, joking around, one can still see the confidence in this contestant.

-Kem_Gai-: The only male contestant to advance to the Final of VLTKM

In the Top 10 of the game VLTKM participating in Phase 2 – Round 3, there is only one male contestant present, that is -Kem_Gai- from S12. That’s why during this final stage, the press and the community believed that the title of Male Champion of VLTKM must belong to him.


When asked about his feelings about his outstanding achievement the first time he participated in the competition, -Kem_Gai- said he was both surprised and incredulous because “I see that there are many other people who do better and are more talented than me. I see this as a stroke of luck.”. But this “luck” is probably largely due to the support given to him by his friends in the Demon Sect clan. Because even if the family doesn’t know it, it’s still there “Everyone in the state supports me wholeheartedly. After each round, they congratulate and motivate me for the next rounds.”.

-Kem_Gai- believes that competitions like Vo Lam 102 are a very good opportunity for everyone to participate and show off their talents. At the same time, this is also an opportunity to strengthen the friendship between servers in the large Vo Lam community. So up to now, he has always participated with a calm mind without placing any emphasis on winning or losing.


So with just over 12 hours left, Phase 2 – Round 3 of Vo Lam 102 will officially end. The contestant’s score will still be calculated based on 3 factors: Heart 102, votes (Like & Comments) on the entry on the Fanpage with the condition that comments must have the hashtag #volam102 and finally the score from the judges. Even though time is running out, any contestant has the ability to accelerate spectacularly if they know how to calculate and invest. Of course, this comeback would not be possible without the support and votes from the audience. Please accompany and vote for your favorite contestants both ingame and outgame until the last minute of the contest.

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