Meet Spring 88 Moba – Teacher who dreams of becoming a Streamer

At the age of over 30, Xuan Moba 88 currently has a job with a stable salary at a college but he is still attracted to Streamer profession. Without waiting too long, he immediately committed to experiencing this new profession. However, the balance between main work and… livestream it’s not easy. So Spring 88 Moba Have you achieved any results or encountered any difficulties on your path to pursuing this career? Let’s find out with GameHub.


Xuan 88 Moba’s real name is Phan Thanh Xuan, living and working in Hung Yen city. From 2010 to present, he has been a Mechanical Engineering teacher at To Hieu Vocational College of Economics and Technology. Taking on two jobs at the same time as teacher and StreamerSpring 88 Moba always has to take advantage of the time to properly arrange his main job at school and his side job.

Streamer born in 1988 confided:

At the same time, being able to attract a large audience and have good content is not a simple thing. Xuan also often sees young people who want to pursue this path “practice livestreaming” in their free time with basic devices such as phones or slightly more advanced computers, to see if they are suitable. with this profession or not first. You should also equip yourself with photo and video editing skills to serve your work.


One lucky thing for Xuan 88 Moba during his career is that he always receives enthusiastic support from his wife and two children. His wife always tries to create conditions for him to work effectively. Meanwhile, Xuan’s little boy is very excited every time he shows off to his teacher that “my dad is both a teacher and a Streamer”. The understanding from a solid behind is the motivation for the male Streamer to continue to excel in his work and become a piece of the puzzle in Facebook’s game livestream platform.

Sharing about the reason for choosing Facebook Gaming as the next stop to develop his career, Xuan 88 Moba shared:

Joining Facebook Gaming is certainly an important milestone in this male Streamer’s career. By the way, GameHub also wants to wish him many other memorable achievements in the future.

Interested readers can follow Xuan 88 Moba’s livestream at:

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