Marvel Snap will continue to operate despite the restructuring


Reuters recently reported that ByteDance is planning to leave the game industry and will disband Nuverse, the company’s game publishing division. This will likely affect hundreds of employees, but there is no direct confirmation of which studios will close. In the West, Nuverse’s most notable game is the popular competitive card game Marvel Snap and fans of the game have expressed worries that the restructuring could cause the game to close. However, the Marvel account Snap official on social network X has reassured players that the game has no plans to close, at least for now.

The game developer expressed: “Dear Snappers, some players have expressed their concerns about the reported structural changes at Nuverse. We want to thank you for your interest and ensure that despite the changes at Nuverse, SNAP will continue to operate and grow into the future!”.​


Nuverse has been active since 2019 and is ByteDance’s attempt to enter the gaming sector. The gaming industry has grown tremendously during the pandemic, but it seems ByteDance hasn’t had much success in this arena. According to Reuters, Marvel Snap has attracted a large following, but has not been a commercial success.

The next season of updates for Marvel Snap will not be affected. During December, Marvel Snap will bring new content, including cards, skins and locations. According to data revealed a few days ago, the new season will be themed around the Hellfire Club’s annual Hellfire Gala celebration. Some of the upcoming cards include Sebastian Shaw, Blob, Firestar and Selene, while characters like Black Panther, Rogue and Doctor Doom will all receive Hellfire Club skins.

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