Just released, the Chinese movie blockbuster was accused of plagiarizing Na Tra: Ma Dong Giang The

Te Cong: Hang Long Giang The is one of the projects movie China’s most notable animation this year. Produced by the team of Na Tra: Ma Dong Descends into the World But the blockbuster about Te Cong could not achieve the expected success, the film’s rating on Douban only reached 4.8/10, and was also accused of plagiarizing the animated masterpiece released in 2019.​


After Te Cong premiered, the film faced a lot of criticism, many people said that not only the graphic style but also the plot or the way the characters read the poem were reminiscent of Na Tra: Ma Dong Giang The, Even the naming of the movie is not much different. The growth process of teenager Ly Tu Duyen (the previous life of Te Cong) is too similar to Na Tra, the chemistry between the male and female leads is similar to that of the Ly family – Na Tra’s parents. Some viewers even sarcastically said: “It turns out Te Cong’s previous life was Na Tra.”

Faced with criticism from public opinion, last night the screenwriter of Te Cong: Hang Long Giang The stood up to deny plagiarism rumors. He said he completed the film’s script in June 2017. Furthermore, the original name of the film was Te Cong: Khanh Huu Ton Gia, and it was not until August 15, 2018 that the name was changed to Te. Cong: Hang Long Giang The, but it wasn’t until a year later that Na Tra: Ma Dong Giang The premiered.​


The general producer of the film also spoke up to clarify, Na Tra’s message is: everyone can control their own destiny while Te Cong focuses on the journey to find one’s own destiny, the content that The two films want to convey different things, so this cannot be considered plagiarism.

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