Life simulation game The Sims 5 will be released for free


Development process The Sims 5 (codename is Project Rene) is going on and Electronic Arts recently shared a lot of information about the game, such as how the free-to-play platform works and the ability to monetize game content. In spite of The Sims 4 continues to receive support from regular updates, but many players would argue that the game has reached its limits, both from a technical and creative perspective. Many expansion packs for The Sims 4 also make the game quite expensive for many people even though it has switched to free-to-play. Most players are waiting for something new.

Electronic Arts has revealed glimpses of gameplay through a series of videos Behind the Sims on YouTube, giving players an idea of ​​how The Sims 5 will tackle some of the franchise’s gameplay – such as Construction Mode, hair customization, Sim interactions, and even the direction of gameplay development. the game’s user interface. While the response to these revelations has been largely positive, The Sims community is worried that The Sims 5 will be even more “bloody” than its predecessor.​

In the latest Behind the Sims video, the developers finally revealed their plans for implementing Project Rene. This will be a title F2P games from the start and is supported by the same content packs as The Sims 4. Project Rene will likely have fewer features than its predecessor, but initially, The Sims 5 will borrow features from The Sims 4 As revealed in the video, many of the features of season 5 will be free updates added to the game, in lieu of having to purchase content at a premium.

The Sims 5 focuses on accessibility, creating an environment where players can experience new features with friends. By lowering the barrier to entry and establishing a basic experience that can reach all players, developers hope to strike the perfect balance and build a healthy foundation for the game to grow.

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