Form a team of “extremely badass” chickens to fight hard in Super Chicken Team

Super Chicken Team, a defense game that combines roguelike elements with a brand new “fighting chicken” theme on mobile, gives gamers a new experience!

Super Chicken Team is a newly launched game in the base defense genre combined with roguelike elements. With funny graphics and diverse gameplay, Super Chicken Team has quickly attracted the attention of the gaming community.

Game download link: Android, iOS

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Form a team of

Super Chicken Team plot

In a peaceful world of Chickens, suddenly everything becomes chaotic when the prey suddenly transforms into terrifying forces. Before this disaster, only Super Chickens with extraordinary powers survived and stood up to fight to retake control of this world.

Form a team of

Super Chicken Team opens with the battle of the elite Chickens, where players must face the attack of many mutated monsters heading towards the base. Destroying them not only brings Chicken Eggs and Chicken Feathers, but also the opportunity to recruit new, more powerful types of Chicken into your squad.

Graphics and sound

It is known that the funny graphics of the game Super Chicken Team are not only shown through the scenery but also appear clearly in every detail of the design of the Chickens themselves. From Chickens inspired by famous characters in movies and stories such as Harry Poster, Genie, Iron Man to Duong Tam Tang,… they look extremely funny. The sound in the game is also rated very well, creating a lively and attractive experience for players.

Form a team of

Gameplay Super Chicken Team

The product belongs to the base defense game genre that combines roguelike elements, meaning players will have to fight to protect the base from monster attacks. However, the special feature of this game is that each time you play there will be different challenges and opponents, creating diversity and excitement for players. Besides, recruiting and upgrading Chickens is also an important factor in completing the levels.

Form a team of

Maps and game modes

Super Chicken Team constantly opens up countless new maps and modes, taking players into diverse rounds of challenges. Currently, the game has 3 main game modes: “Campaign”, “Challenge” and “Arena”.

In particular, “Campaign” is the main game mode, players will have to fight through each level to reach the monster’s final base. “Challenge” is a mode to test the strength of the squad, players will face difficult challenges and receive attractive rewards if completed. “Arena” is a mode to compete with other gamers. Players will be able to confront the strongest teams and also have the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards.

Form a team of

Upgrade system in Super Chicken Team

Super Chicken Team has a diverse upgrade system, allowing players to strengthen their squad. Specifically, there are 3 main types of upgrades: “Chicken Eggs”, “Chicken Feathers” and “Items”. Chicken Eggs and Chicken Feathers can be collected during gameplay, while Items can be purchased with in-game money or through completing quests. Upgrading will help increase the strength and skills of the Chickens, helping players easily overcome more difficult levels.

With more than 20 different types of Chickens and a diverse upgrade system, Super Chicken Team allows players to freely choose and customize the team to their liking. This creates diversity and creativity in fighting and completing levels.

With its special and attractive features, Super Chicken Team has quickly attracted the attention of the gaming community. This game not only brings hours of exciting entertainment but is also a challenge to the player’s tactical and creative abilities. If you are a fan of the strategy game genre, Super Chicken Team will definitely be an option not to be missed. Download now and experience this game to join the Super Chicken Squad and reclaim a peaceful world for Chickens!

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