Life Eater – What happens when you are forced to kill others to save the world?

Yesterday (March 5), Strange Scaffold – the game studio behind the supernatural shooting game El Paso, Elsewhere has officially introduced to the gaming community its latest game called “Life Eater”. This developer is famous for building uniquely themed titles with engaging storytelling and seemingly Life Eater will be no exception.

Life Eater is set in suburban America, revolving around horror kidnappings. In the game, the player will play the role of a Druid – a modern-day religious person. For those who don’t know, Druid is a word associated with religious beliefs, used to refer to priests or witches in ancient Celtic culture. And true to the name Life Eater, your mission is to destroy the lives of others, or more specifically, kidnap and sacrifice them to the dark god Zimforth.

However, you are neither a pervert with a smoldering desire to kill nor someone who enjoys the pain of his victims. Knowing clearly that it is wrong, you are forced to perform the thousand-year sacrifice ritual because otherwise, the world will collapse. It can be said that you are forced to commit a crime to save the world, but… does the dark god you serve really exist? Or does it all just come from the crazy delusions of a religious fanatic? All will be answered next April.

It is known that Life Eater is only one of five games included in the agreement between Strange Scaffold and publisher Frosty Pop. In addition to Life Eater, the deal also includes mobile versions of El Paso, Elsewhere and two other unannounced titles.

Life Eater is expected to be released on April 16 on Steam.​

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