Learning Call of Duty, will the Battlefield sequel have a Battle Royale mode?

IP Battlefield had to go through a rather difficult time when the Battlefiled 2042 sequel released at the end of 2021 did not achieve the success expected by the company. DICE. Even, Battlefield 2042 It is also considered the worst version of the series, causing DICE to constantly update new content and patches in the hope of improving the game’s condition.

To avoid repeating mistakes, it seems that some new elements are being considered for inclusion in the next version of this popular game series. According to news from Insider Gaming, the next game of this IP will have a mode Battle Royale free, set around 2025 – 2030. This mode is being developed by Ripple Effect (formerly DICE EA), players can fully experience the Battle Royale gameplay without buying the original game. This ensures this mode initially finds a foothold in today’s somewhat saturated Battle Royale market.


With large-scale battles, a diverse arsenal of weapons and vehicles, it can be said that Battlefield has all the right conditions to deploy a Battle Royale mode. However, does it have anything more outstanding than these? Apex Legends nice Call of Duty: Warzone or not is still a mystery.

Insider Gaming’s post also revealed more about the release date of this game. Accordingly, the new Battlefield sequel is expected to be released in October this year. However, some other opinions believe that 2025 is the time when DICE should launch its “child” to the market.

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